3 Days in Nashville Recap

My 2nd trip to Nashville, Tennessee turned into an incredible 3 days of performances, making connections and meeting legends.  The talent in Music City is unbelievable and I’m humbled to be working with them.

Day 1

Our plane landed in Tennessee at around 10:45 AM on Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to check into our VRBO until about 4:00, so, I spent my morning/afternoon online getting caught up on all of my school work.

Wednesday night, I headed to the Twelve Keys Saloon to check out the Songwriters Round there that’s hosted by David Lenahan.  Ya’ll, there is some serious talent in Nashville FAR off Broadway.  I had the opportunity to chat with David and he invited me back to play in the round in the future.  So, next time Nashville, the Twelve keys Saloon is one of the places you’ll find me.

My day started with breakfast with the amazing Marc Alan Barnett.  Marc is an incredible songwriter and when I tell you he knows everyone in Nashville, he really does.  We spent the morning going over my goals and how to navigate the crazy world that is Music City.

That afternoon we spent the day working on some of my original songs and he and I worked together on a new original.  It was my first time co-writing.  I have to admit, it’s something I’m going to have to get used to, especially since that’s something all writers in Nashville do. My day with Marc was so informative and I’m beyond grateful for his guidance and wisdom.

Later that night we grabbed and UBER and headed to Debi Champion’s Songwriters Showcase at the Commodore Grille.  There I had the privilege of seeing legendary songwriters Wood Newton & Bobby Keel, both are incredible!  They are both gracious and kind and Wood invited me to tour his recording studio the next day, and of course I said yes.

I had a great round with three other amazing songwriters.  After our set, we stuck around to watch some of the folks that signed up for the open mic spots.  I really wanted to sit and listen because I was in their place just three weeks earlier.  Before hitting the road back to the rental, I chatted with Debi Champion again to thank her for having me.  I was so humbled when she gave me an open invite to play any time I wanted.

The day started off with a late lunch at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken! Ya’ll this place was amazing! The line was long, but, it was truly worth it. If you ever find yourself in Nashville, head over, yes you’ll wait in line too, but, again, it’s so good.

After lunch we headed over to see my new friend Wood Newton who was such a great host. He showed me all around the RCA Recording Studio. I took in every second of the history he shared and the fact that I was walking the same halls that Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley and other great artists also walked was not wasted on me. It was such a wonderful experience. Especially when Mr. Newton asked me to play a couple of my original songs. Ya’ll, it was surreal! I realize how blessed I am!

Later that night we heard over to The Local to play in Terri Jo Box’s Music Row Freak Show. Again, I shared the stage with other songwriters who just blew me away. It was also good to see a familiar face in the crowd. Becca Rae who used to play all around Moore County where I am from came out to see me perform. AND, I stuck around and got to watch her sing some of her original songs too. She is the REAL DEAL! I headed back to the rental on such a high and was already counting down the days until my return to this incredible city.

So needless to say my 2nd trip to Music City was a VERY big success.  Met a few legends, met SOOO many incredible singers and song writers and learned so much. Already planning my next trip and setting up song writing collaborations.  My life is pretty cool.  THANK YOU AGAIN NASHVILLE!