4 Days in Nashville Recap

So I did a thing….I jumped on a plane for my first trip to Nashville, Tennessee……and not gonna lie…..it was pretty amazing. Now that I’ve had a week to reflect on what I experienced I wanted to share the details with you.

Day 1

We arrived on Sunday morning with a plan..play as much as possible, make some connections and learn my way around, because although it was my first trip to Nashville..it will not be my last.

After an afternoon of walking up and down Broadway to get the lay of the land we jumped in an UBER towards the Commodore Grill to play an “Open Mic” with some extremely talented performers of all different ages and experience.  It was unbelievable to share that stage with them and to be able to play “Talkin’ to Heaven” an original tune I wrote last year.

I was so inspired by my Day 1 experience that I came back to the hotel and wrote 2 new songs (coming soon to a website near you)

Monday was special…like really special. It started with coffee (always good) and by the time I went to bed I had 2 new pairs of boots and I HAD PLAYED THE FAMOUS BLUEBIRD CAFE!!

To say playing the Bluebird was a bucket-list item is an understatement.  Everyone that played along side me was so incredibly talented and so wonderfully supportive.  I debuted my brand new song CUPID. When I say debuted it I mean it was the first time I ever played it LIVE anywhere.  If you haven’t heard the song…it is a tongue twister…so I was a little nervous…but the crowd loved it. It was a little overwhelming to be honest but I’m so thankful and can’t wait to go back.  To celebrate I added two new pairs of boots ito my closet.

So coming off playing the Bluebird I was feeling pretty great and I was ready to meet more new talent and see if I could find another place to jump on stage. We hit Broadway again to take photos and see as many bands as possible. It’s pretty amazing to walk into a bar on a Tuesday at noon and see LIVE bands playing on 3 different levels. Full bands, duos and trios everywhere.  Very cool.

We got a line on a possibility of playing a 20 minute open mic set about 20 minutes outside of town so we got show-ready and jumped in another UBER to spend time with a group of singer/songwriters from all over the country.  This was actually the first time I ever played all originals for a full 30 minute set. Everyone was so nice and I was able to exchange contact info for future colabs.

Our plan on Day 4 was to make our way to several places we had heard about in the past few days…meet as many folks as we can and then wind up at “The Freakshow” at The Local, a name that kept popping up over and over all week.

We found ourselves at the Music City Bar & Grill listening to Mr. Mike Oldham.  What a wonderful performer…great singer…extremely funny and very generous. Not only did he spend 20 minutes giving me pointers and advice….he even let me take the stage to perform “Tennessee Whiskey” and a song that I wrote the first night in town “Take it to the Lord”!  His wife was also so kind and I must encourage you to check out Mike Oldham and his band “The Tone Rangers” the next time you are in Nashville.

The Local was everything I had heard and more. The food was great, the music was unbelievable and the songwriters on the stage….OMG!!  It was such a pleasure to speak with the owner, and the host of “The Freakshow”.  They were all so encouraging and helpful.

So 4 Days in Music City and I found a stage to perform on all 4 days.  I could not have imagined the experiences, the advice and the knowledge we would fly away with but it has certainly changed my life.