New Music Release: Lookin’ Up (Demo Version)

Julia Golden

This is one of my favorite things I’ve written and I thought I’d post it online. Hope y’all like it! :))

You taste like
Butter on toast, melted down and sweet
Like driving on the coast, getting caught in the breeze
Like a breath of summer air gets you high on familiarity

And I watch you float, you are my evening rain
You hit down on the pavement then get up again
Dance around my conscious
‘Til I wake up and my lips taste like your name

I’ll stare and swoon and
Think of you in darkened rooms when
The clock is reading much too late

Watch the moon and flowers bloom when
The sun comes up and I start to think it’s a little cliche

Falling in silence
While you’re out there shining
I’ll be the sun knowing you’ll be the light but
I’ll keep my eyes off you and on the clouds above ‘cause

If I’m looking up,
Then baby I’m not falling in love

You live in your own world, and there I sit and pray
That you will see me looking, let me in one day
Knowing that I’d be too nervous
To love you if I ever got the chance

Still I watch you float, like bubbles in the air
I hope you come my way, I’d follow anywhere
But I hide my heavy hands so I don’t hurt you
Despite how much I care